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Citadel’s new Archery event coming soon! A Hunt for Mythical Beasts

Folklore is littered with accounts of unusual beasts of all shapes and sizes.  Stories about strange beasts are told the world over. They offer excitement, a sense of wonder, and a chance to take a peek into an unusual world. A Hunt for Mythical Beasts will be a wild hunt for mythical creatures through wooded lands.  Armed with …

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Baronial Arts & Sciences Night on February 11th: Pets Throughout History

The history of pets is intertwined with the process of animal domestication, and it is likely that the dog, as the first domesticated species, was also the first pet. Perhaps the initial steps toward domestication were taken largely through the widespread human practice of making pets of captured young wild animals. Eventually, a working relationship …

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From our Baron and Baroness, Tariq and Elieth

Dear populace, friends and family We, Tariq and Elieth, Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass send greetings. After 4 years of serving our beloved Barony as Baron and Baroness, we have decided to continue serving the Dream in other ways, so that others may have the opportunity to lead the Barony. …

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The Archer- January 26

Good morning archers! Looks like a sunny mid 50s to low 60s this weekend for archery.  Low breezy winds, maybe some 10mph gusts.   Last weekend we had 70 archers in attendance!  See you there!   -jessa Phoenixnest915@gmail.com  for more info

The Archer: January 18, 2019

Good morning archers! Looking at mild weather this weekend for archery.  Mid 50s and breezy. We will be set up in the usual place, EPMArch on Saturday January 19 from 11am to 2pm. Come on out and get some shooting in!

What is the Recruitment & Retention Council?

The Barony has shown remarkable recovery over the past 5 ½ years since the Investiture of Baron Christopher and Baroness Jamilla.  During their tenure the Barony went from 38 (paid) members to 88 at their stepping down (Their tenure lasted 21 months).  The Barony is currently at 91 (paid) members, having peaked at 106 between …

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Celebration Citadel’s Feast of Saint Stephen

Their Excellencies would like to invite you to their home on Friday, December 21, 2018 at 7 pm to enjoy an evening of friendship in Celebration of the Citadel Tradition of Saint Stephen’s. This potluck feast is a chance for the Populace for the Citadel to Celebrate the Holidays together. Their Excellencies will be providing …

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Outlands Coronation

Join us in the Shire of Drygestan (Santa Fe, New Mexico) for two days of merriment and celebration as we thank King Béla VI and Queen Anna IV for their leadership and we welcome the new King and Queen, Hrorekr II and Slaine II. The COURT and pageantry will be held at the Santa Fe …

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Words from Their Excellencies Tariq and Elieth

Hale Mighty Citadel! Your Champions have been chosen!  The Feast of Saint Edrik, celebrated in October in honor of the founding of the Barony, is the event where all of our Baronial Champions are chosen through tournaments and contests as befitting the appropriate disciplines that each position represents.  We are pleased to announce those honorable …

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Baronial Day and Fighter Practice Cancelled Today

Good morning! Baronial Day and Fighter Practice has been cancelled today in favor of supporting the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun at the Las Cruces Renaissance Faire. We had a great day yesterday and we look forward to more fun today! We hope to see you all there!