Kingdom of the Outlands Arts and Sciences Competition, Queen’s Prize Tournament, and Baronial Investiture

Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the Outlands and their Excellencies of the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass invite you to join us for the Kingdom of the Outlands Arts and Sciences Competition, Queen’s Prize Tournament, and Baronial Investiture. There will be a youth category for Queen’s Prize Tournament only. Judging will take place throughout the day, and a feast will be served in the evening. The site has ample parking, full functioning kitchen, sanctuary for Court, optional space for classes if desired, outdoor patio area, multiple bathrooms, separate space available for royal and baronial rooms, and church hall for judging. The site is discreetly wet.
• For information on A&S REGISTRATION please visit
• For information on QUEEN’S PRIZE please visit https://www,
*Local Contact: Mistress Constance Warwick of Wynandermere ( and Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep (
*Kingdom Contact for all questions and Queen’s Prize Tournament: THLady Killian MacKenzie, Interim KMOAS,
*Kingdom A&S Tournament contact: Mistress Richenda,
Adult Member Discount Event Registrations: $15 / Adult Event Registration: $20
Child Member Discount Registration (6-16): $10 / Child Event Registration (6-16): $15
Child (under 5): Free
Family Cap $50
Adult Feast Fee: $10 / Child Feast Fee: $5
8:30 AM – Site opens. Competition Registration for Judges and Participants
9:00 AM – Opening Court
9:30 AM – Judges Meeting
10:00 AM – Judging begins
11:30 AM – Donation lunch starts
4:00 PM – Judging ends
5:00 PM – Evening court
Feast begins after court
9:00 PM – Site closes
From I-10 take the McRae exit going north. Travel on McRae for approximately three miles. The site is on the right hand side of the street.
Queen’s Prize Tournament is a celebration of the artists in the Outlands. Her Majesty chooses the entry upon whom to bestow Her Prize. The purpose of the Queen’s Prize Tournament is to share the arts and skills of the citizens of the Outlands. Entries will not be scored. Comments will be available for those who wish the feedback.
Entrant Responsibilities:
Any gentle holding a rank lower than Grant may enter the Queen’s Prize Tournament.
Entrant must be present to enter the tournament.
Each entrant may only enter one item. Space is limited.
The project must be completed and done within this past year.
The project entered into this Queen’s Prize Tournament cannot have been entered into a higher level A&S competition (kingdom A&S or inter-kingdom war).
Minimal documentation is required. For guidelines use form: Documentation is simple: who, what, where, when, and how was done in history and how you completed the entry.
Entrants must be set up by 10 am and must remove entry at 4 pm.
There will be a Youth Category. Youth entries must also be preregistered.
Because of the abundance of business for this event, there will not be a sponsor or sponsor gift exchange. All members of the populace are encouraged to show their support by leaving small tokens of appreciation for the artist and entry.
Preregistration Information:
· Artisan SCA Name
· Artisan Legal Name
· Artisan E-Mail address
· Project Description (e.g., leather pouch)
· Project Division (e.g. leather working)
· Divisions and categories:
· Project Space Needs (e.g., one fourth table, one half table). Please note that space is limited. If you have an item that could be displayed outside, bring a table or let me know if you need special accommodations.
Please send all preregistration information, questions or concerns, to THLady Killian MacKenzie, Interim KMOAS, 303-773-9596,