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Brewer’s Guild

The Seekers of the Bottomless Tankard aka Citadel Brewers Guild was started in 1997. One day THL Warmin and Lord Ralf were lamenting about the lack of brewing organizations in the local area, and the Outlands in general. So being the ‘go gette’r type individuals that we are, read no one else was silly enough to do it, we decided to start a Brewers Guild.
Over many brews and flasks of mead they discussed several things that we thought we might like to do as a Guild and things important to us as brewers and mead makers.  Well next thing you know they had a meeting and held elections. Since it was their bright idea they were elected Guild Brewmaster and Assistant.

The Guild began meeting when they could and making mostly mead and dark ales. After a few years the Citadel had quite the reputation as a brewing Barony. This was due to a passion for not letting anything “so so” or “Good enough” leave the guild. We honestly believe that it if we are not totally impressed by something we do NOT put it  out for largess or public consumption.

Lord Ralf Blackwood was Guild Head aka Brewmaster from inception to 2003. During that time he had gone to brewing school and managed/owned a brewing supply store and even helped design small craft breweries. Lord Ralf took a break from the SCA in 2003 and turned over the reigns of the Guild to Lord Warmin. 
Lord Warmin did a superb job of continuing the tradition of finely crafted brews and especially meads coming out of the Barony. Then Lord Warmin was famous thought out the known world for his Meads and other brews. It has been said “He has forgotten more about mead than most people ever know”.  It is commonly believed by anyone tasting his wares that this is indeed the case.
  In recent years Lord Ralf came back into the SCA after wandering the mundane world for 11 yrs. When asked if the Guild was still in existence, he was given the title of Guild Head again by a very zealous Baron Warmin.  

 Currently we hold classes on brewing history and techniques in all areas of Ales, Beers, Wines, Meads, Ciders, etc. The Guild has entered several contests lately with wins “Beer Brewmaster” at Battlemoor VII and overall First and Second in ale division at Clann Wars.

For any inquiries or additional information about the Brewer’s Guild please send an email to