Court & Officers

Coronet of the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass


Baron Email
HE Bernardo dei Medici (Brandon Sivret)

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Baronial Champions

Martial Champions

Armored Combat Champion and bearer of the Baron’s Sword
Lord Tachibana Hideaki

Baronial Constable and Bearer of the Baron’s Grace
Santiago Guzman de Covarrubias

Captain of the Baronial Guard

Baronial Banner Bearer

Rapier Champion and Protector of the Baron’s Grace
Lady Dragoslava

Archery Champion and Baron’s Hunter
Lord James Erskine

Youth Champion of Archery
m’lady Agnes Pemberton

Arts and Sciences Champions

Arts & Sciences Champion
Lady Rita Die Perle Von Der Wetterau

Youth Arts & Sciences Champion
m’lady Halima bint Tariq ibn Yusuf al Ghassani

Officers of the Seneschalate

Baronial Seneschals

Seneschal Email
Domina Julia Alexandria (Jessa Honaker)

Deputy Seneschal Email
Caitriona Suthirlande (Kait Porter)

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Baronial Chatelaine

Chatelaine Email
Ásdís  Áfriðsdóttir (Amanda Park)

Gold Key (Deputy Chatelain) Email

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Ministry of Youth

Minister of Youth Email
Lady Zana Winddancer (Sarah Barnett)

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Officers of the Treasury

Baronial Exchequers

Exchequer Email
Baroness Constance of Warwick of Wynandermere (Hazel Tipton)

Deputy Exchequer – Email
Claudia Lisabetta Senatori da Firenze (Claudia Swaim)

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Officers of the Knight Marshallate

Baronial Knight Marshals

Knight Marshal Email
Dominus Servius Cassius Caledonius Ahenobarbus
(Scott Honaker)

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Baronial Rapier Marshals


Rapier Marshal Email

Baronial Archery Marshals

Captain of the Archers Email
Shayk Tariq ibn Yusuf ibn ‘Askari al-Ghasani (George Maloof)

Archery Lieutenant
Dominus Servius Cassius Caledonius Ahenobarbus
(Scott Honaker)

Archery Lieutenant
Lord Rauol de la Neu (Raul Escalante)

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Archery News

Ministry of the List

Minister of the List Email
Dominus Servius Cassius Caledonius Ahenobarbus
(Scott Honaker)

Officers of the Arts and Sciences

Ministers of Arts and Sciences

Minister of Arts and Sciences Email
Albrecht the Wanderer (Nate Mankel)

Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences Email
THL Edmund Peregrine (Victor Singleton)

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Arts and Sciences News

Officers of the Heraldic Arts

Baronial Herald

Rook Pursuivant – Email
Lord Johan Von Horne (Jack L. Horn)

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News from the Herald

Baronial Scribe

Scribe Email
Domina Julia Alexandria (Jessa Honaker)

News from the Scribe

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  • The Scribe: June 13, 2018
    In Officer News, Scribal News
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Officers of the Chronicler

Baronial Chronicler

Chronicler Email
m’Lady Cath of Citadel (Alondra Rojas)

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Baronial Historian

Historian – Email
Vicomte Berold de Gilbert (Barry Boetto)

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Officers of the Webministry

Baronial Webminister

Webminister – Email
m’Lady Cath of Citadel (Alondra Rojas)

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News from the Webminister