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Kingdom of the Outlands Arts and Sciences Competition, Queen’s Prize Tournament, and Baronial Investiture

Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the Outlands and their Excellencies of the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass invite you to join us for the Kingdom of the Outlands Arts and Sciences Competition, Queen’s Prize Tournament, and Baronial Investiture. There will be a youth category for Queen’s Prize Tournament only. Judging will …

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Baronial Arts & Sciences Night on February 11th: Pets Throughout History

The history of pets is intertwined with the process of animal domestication, and it is likely that the dog, as the first domesticated species, was also the first pet. Perhaps the initial steps toward domestication were taken largely through the widespread human practice of making pets of captured young wild animals. Eventually, a working relationship …

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October Clothiers and Textile Guild Meeting

This month’s Clothier’s and Textile Guild will be held at the home of Nate and Regina Mankel, 14188 Honey Point Drive, El Paso TX, 79938. Nate will be teaching people to make a shirt, (16th century) with hand sewing techniques. PM for details. You will need a piece of muslin, or linen about 3 yards, …

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Baronial Arts & Sciences Night (10/26)

Join us Friday night following the Hanks High School Demo at the home of Their Excellencies for an open Arts and Sciences Night! Have a project to work on? Bring it! Looking for a new project? Come and seek ideas! Interested in learning a new skill? Come over! There will be scribal, leatherworking, textile block …

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Scribal Arts Class Taught by Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep (9/13)

Arcis Calamus, the Baronial Scribal Arts Guild, invites one and all to its monthly Scriptorium gathering to learn from Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep, Laurel and long-time member of the Citadel. The Baronial Scriptorium will be held this month on Thursday, September 13th, at the Baronial Estate, 9900 Chinaberry Drive, starting at 6 pm. …

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Baronial Arts & Sciences (9/10): Leatherworking

Join us on Monday, September 10th at the Baronial Estate (9900 Chinaberry Drive) at 7:00 pm for an introductory class on leather tooling for SCA Projects.  This is a hands-on class where students will be taught basic tooling and surface treatments for vegetable tanned leather.  Tools and practice leather will be on hand so that …

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The Road To Estrella War: Arts & Sciences

So we kicked off the Road to Estrella War in the Arts and Sciences this past Friday night at Baronial A&S. Thank you to those who attended and discussed ideas on what they would like to create for the competition. We will be following up with more A&S nights that are specifically geared towards preparing …

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Baronial Arts & Sciences Night this Friday (8/31)

As the summer winds down and we start preparing for the fall and winter feast events we also see that Estrella War is on the not-so-distant horizon.  As part of our preparations, we will be unveiling the Road to Estrella War, which Signore Bernardo will be sharing with you all in the coming months.  We …

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Hastilude Preparation Night: Tilting Tournament Props & Other Projects

We will be working on props for the Tilting tournament as well as other projects for Citadel Hastilude on August 24-26.  Come on out and be ready to be crafty.  

“Rapier Rogue” Bardic Competition at Citadel Hastilude A.S. LIII

According to legend there was a swordsman who was notorious for biting his thumb at the Baronial Constabulary and picking fights contrary to the law against brawling. He became so infamous that songs were written about the “Rapier Rogue”. In memory of the exploits of this rogue, the Roving Rapier Tournament winner will have a …

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