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The Archer: Saturday February 16

The Arrow: Good morning, the winds are higher than we can consider safe, please join us for archery next week on Saturday at the normal time!   Jessa

Citadel’s new Archery event coming soon! A Hunt for Mythical Beasts

Folklore is littered with accounts of unusual beasts of all shapes and sizes.  Stories about strange beasts are told the world over. They offer excitement, a sense of wonder, and a chance to take a peek into an unusual world. A Hunt for Mythical Beasts will be a wild hunt for mythical creatures through wooded lands.  Armed with …

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The Archer- January 26

Good morning archers! Looks like a sunny mid 50s to low 60s this weekend for archery.  Low breezy winds, maybe some 10mph gusts.   Last weekend we had 70 archers in attendance!  See you there!   -jessa  for more info

The Archer: January 18, 2019

Good morning archers! Looking at mild weather this weekend for archery.  Mid 50s and breezy. We will be set up in the usual place, EPMArch on Saturday January 19 from 11am to 2pm. Come on out and get some shooting in!

The Archer: November 1, 2018

ARROW: Good morning!  This weekend, your archery team is requesting your support at the Las Cruces Ren Faire. There will be no archery at the museum to allow everyone the opportunity to go to this event. Congratulations to Jim for earning his red tassel!!! Nov 10-11 is fall coronation in Santa Fe. Please come out …

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The Archer: October 19, 2018

ARROW: Good morning archers! We are still open, parking at border patrol and walking up still.  This weekend is looking a little iffy, temps in the low 60s but the winds nearing 20mph. Remember, we are now at 11-2 for non dinner hours!

The Archer: September 20, 2018

ARROW:  Good morning archers!  This weekend, Saturday September 22, we should have absolutely gorgeous weather!  mid 70s, light breeze and sunny.  We are still at 10am-1pm, but will be changing to the 11am-2pm on October 20.    We have the seasonal challenge target and the royal rounds as usual.  Remember, we are going to the “Lucky …

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The Archer: September 13, 2018

ARROW: This Saturday, September 15, looks like a nice day for shooting with sunny skies, 80s aime a light breeze.  We are still on summer hours until the Saturday after Edriks, October 20.  **there is construction going on at EPMArch, please park in the border patrol parking lot and follow the path to our usual …

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The Archer: August 23, 2018

ARROW:  Good morning archers!  Please remember, we will NOT be at the EPMArch this weekend, August 25.  We will be up in the cool, green mountains at Silver Lake Campground for HASTILUDE!  Come ready for some fun morning shoots, to include the Barony’s new “bobber target”,  some poker, and a couple other shoots.  In the …

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Archery tomorrow at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology

Tomorrow (8/18/2018) looks like a sunny, breezy day with temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s. We will be at the EPMArch at 10am to 1pm this week, followed by Hastilude next weekend! There will be no archery at EPMArch next weekend, August 25. Instead, come on up to Silver Lake Campground and enjoy a …

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