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Reminder: The deadline for submitting your Letter of Intent for Rook Pursuivant is June 30, 2018

Vacancy: Rook Pursuivant (Baronial Herald)

On Wearing Garb: A Long-time Player’s Take on one of the Basics in the SCA

Sayyid Tariq ibn Yusuf ibn Askari al Ghassani Joining the Society for Creative Anachronism is an exciting prospect for many people.  Whether they are a history buff, a cosplayer, a medieval combat enthusiast or even a Fantasy/Sci-Fi fan, being in the SCA is a chance to take a step away from their everyday mundane life …

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Accepting Letters of Intent for the Next Baronial Chronicler

Good morning Mighty Citadel! The Barony is currently receiving Letters of Intent to be the next Chronicler of the Citadel of the Southern Pass. Besides producing the branch newsletter using the new, automated system, Citadel’s Chronicler would be responsible for keeping minutes of the different business meetings as well as recording the history of Barony.  …

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The Archer: Month of May

ARROW: The month of May saw 163 archers at weekly practices, hot weather and winds in the Citadel.  We have a strong archery officer corp, with myself, Jim Volker, Scott Honaker, Michael Duckworth, Ashley Rench, Raul Escalante, and Aimee Fivet Mack working hard to improve the archery program.  We have new targets that are lighter and easier …

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