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August Arts & Sciences Night, Monday, August 13, 2018: Courtesy in the SCA

Courtesy is our organization’s most cherished virtue and one of the aspects of noble behavior that we try to encourage within the SCA. Courtesy is the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others; for the most part, common sense and being polite will go a long way.   The core of courtesy …

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Weekly Rapier Practice at Military Gamer’s Supply

Rapier combat in the SCA is an attempt to recreate later styles of swordfighting from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.  The style of swordplay is often based on surviving manuals and theories of combat from period.  Unlike the modern sport of fencing, SCA combat uses a wide variety of weapons and body protection and …

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Banners for Hastilude!

This year’s theme for Citadel Hastilude is King Renee de Anjou’s Book of the Tournament and as such, medieval pomp and circumstance are paramount for the event.  What better way to add to the flavor and ambiance of the event than to fly your heraldry high in the wind on a beautiful silk standard or …

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The Return of the Iron Banner Competition!

The Citadel Clothiers and Textiles Guild is bringing back the Iron Banner Competition, last run by Mistress Toragana Al’altun in 2005.  Join the competition and help the Barony replenish it’s inventory of Regalia. Each participant will be given a packet that contains includes fabric, the rules, some useful info, and patterns you may use. The prize …

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Citadel has its new Rook Pursuivant!

We would like to congratulate and welcome m’lord Johan von Horne as our new Baronial Herald or Rook Pursuivant.  We would like to thank him for volunteering for this noble office and look forward to working with him.  He will be officially sworn in at Citadel Hastilude on August 25 but can be consulted with for …

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Citadel Hastilude has its Champions!

The Champions have been chosen! Duke Walrick de Blakeney and Sir Roland De Grey of Lincolnshire are seeking mighty warriors, agile swordsmen, keen-eyed archers and talented artisans to join their parties. Choose one of these great and valiant knights who seek to be Citadel’s Hastilude Champion! Make your plans to attend this most excellent event! …

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The Archer: Month of June

ARROW:  The month of June saw some weather issues and a fun weekend full of Archery events.  Rains got to us in early June and high winds took away our last Saturday this month.  However, despite all the local weather problems, the weather at Clan Wars was incredible.  Roving rounds through the woods, a traditional …

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Citadel Hastilude A.S. LIII, August 24-26, 2018

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let all Princes, Lords, Barons, Knights, Squires and all others fighters of the Kingdom of the Outlands and all other Known World Kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the King our lord, may God save him, know that on the 25th of August, in the lands of …

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The Archer: June 26, 2018

ARROW:  Clan Wars was this past weekend, June 22-23, in the mountains of Ruidoso.  Aside from all the fighting and A&S activities, the archery range hosted a roving shoot with 8 stations including a long distance shoot, open target archery, and the famous night shoot.  22 archers came through the range, including a few new …

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Going to Battlemoor? Why not volunteer for a security shift!

Citadel is being asked to man security for Battlemoor, specifically, Thursday from 3pm to midnight. They are looking for 3 to 4 pairs of people to fill 2 to 4 hour shifts. “The more volunteers the shorter the shifts”.  PLease contact Her Excellency Elieth at if you are interested.