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Baronial Calendar

Take a look at our upcoming activities and events! Get more out of the Baronial Calendar by following our guide: How To Get The Most Out of Google Calendar   For Mac OS X users, here is the iCal link:  

About Martial Activities

Here in the Citadel, we practice several different styles of combat arts within the scope of the SCA. The rules for the combat styles and the Rules of the List can be found on the Outlands Marshallate web site or on the Society Marshal’s web site. Armoured Combat in the SCA is a recreation of …

Baronial Guilds

Our Barony practices a wide variety of artistic crafts; everything from cooking and sewing to leatherworking and making armour. If you have a specific interest, it’s a good bet you can find somebody in the Barony that shares those interests. And if you don’t see a guild for something you are interested in, you can …

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Past Events

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