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Empowering Officers and the Populace to Post Website Articles

Good Evening fair members of the populace! One of the goals of the Officer of the Chronicler is to help record and spread the good word of the Barony most often times taking the form of the Newsletter.  I want to take that a step further and empower you all to share information that pertains …

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Memberships! It’s how we keep track of activity in the group and help keep the lights on for the Society overall. You also need to be current on your membership to be an officer, to receive awards and to qualify as an Authorized Fighter in the Kingdom of the Outlands. Please double check your membership …

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How to Get the Most Out of Google Calendar

Now that the barony has adopted a Google Calendar to help track and display events there are ways that you can take full advantage of its features to make sure you stay up to date on everything from Fighter Practice to A&S events and even Spring Crown Tournament.  First things, first.  Where do I find …

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Implementation of Articles Feature

We are exploring the ability to include articles on the main page and throughout the site to allow populace members to contribute to the content of the website.  Articles can cover a wide range of topics and are readily available to those who do not necessarily use the Facebook group. If you’d like to submit …

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