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Southern Pass Faire – Feast

Lady Adelina de Surdeval will be preparing a fantastic feast that will be available after our last court of the evening! Seating for feast is limited! Please email reservations to southernpassfaire@gmail.com with your name, the number of feast reservations you need, and any food preferences or allergies you might have!



  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Olives

1st Course

  • Salad with Oil & Vinegar
  • Pickled Pears

2nd Course

  • Beef Stew
  • Onion Tarts
  • Stuffed Eggs (Hard-boiled eggs, stuffed with cheese and spices, and then fried)
  • Vegetable Stew will be available on a VERY limited basis! Please request the vegetarian option when making your reservation!

3rd course

  • Chicken breast, cooked in honey. Served with a white wine, garlic, and thyme sauce on the side.
  • Jeweled Rice
  • Asparagus and Onions, cooked in saffron.


A side table will be available with desserts, and there will be a dessert competition held at the end of the feast, judged by the populace! Bring your best dessert and join the competition!