crestThe Citadel of the Southern Pass is our local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a 50 year old Medieval and Renaissance recreation organization with groups around the world. In the manner of the feudal societies of the Middle Ages, we divide our groups up into Kingdoms, and Baronies. As such, our "Barony" encompasses the greater El Paso,Texas area, including El Paso County, Hudspeth County, and a small section of New Mexico, close to the Texas border.

Our Barony is located within the Kingdom of the Outlands, which is comprised of El Paso/Hudspeth County Texas, New Mexico, most of Colorado, a small part of western Nebraska, and parts of Wyoming.

Activities common within the SCA include Middle Age costuming, weaving, woodworking, historical research, full armor combat, fencing, archery, exploring and reliving the ideals of Chivalry, period cooking, leatherworking, making maille, armor construction, and many other activities.


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Recent Articles

  • Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s archery practice!
    Citadel Archers – A pleasant, if warm, day of Archery at the EPMA yesterday. Good crowd of 58 including 18 Baronial populace members and a troop of Girl Scouts who were excited to try out the sport of archery. A bit breezy, but only one mishap with […]
  • Citadel Hastilude, July 7-9, 2017
    Hastilude is an all-encompassing camping event that will be focused on martial aspects of The Society. There will be tournaments for all martial styles (including archery), A&S competitions, classes focused on martial themes, and other competitions […]
  • What is Largesse?
    Throughout history, the generosity of the Landed Nobility has been termed “largesse”.  In the SCA, the giving of largesse by the Crown and Coronets allows for them to show that their wealth and happiness is a direct result of the wealth and […]
  • From the Citadel Archery Marshal
    Archers – Forecast for this Saturday’s (June 24) Archery at the EP Museum of Archaeology is 94, clear & sunny with 14 mph winds. Let’s hope the heat and winds are kind to us. We have a new archery box (compliments of Raul) for bow […]
  • A&S Competition at Hastilude
      How to enter an Arts & Science competition : Entering_Competition Competition rules for Hastilude: This event is martial theme Competition is open to all SCA members. Individuals may enter as many categories as they wish, with a maximum of two […]
  • What is the Recruitment & Retention Council?
    The Barony has shown remarkable recovery over the past 4 ½ years since the Investiture of Baron Christopher and Baroness Jamilla.  During their tenure the Barony went from 38 (paid) members to 88 at their stepping down (Their tenure lasted 21 months).  […]
  • Serve Their Excellencies in the Retinue at Grand Outlandish!
    Always looking for ways to serve in the Barony?  We’re riding a wave of activity and now is the perfect time to step up and help out the Baronial Household as a member of the retinue.  We need a few good Baronial Guards and Ladies-in-Waiting for […]
  • How to prepare for A&S Competition
    Illumination Consider what type of competition it is and post source. You probably have many inquiries so come and join us on the 12 of June, 2017 at 3309 Nairn St , El Paso, Tx 79925. Lady Rita Perle von der Wetterau Related posts: A&S Competition […]
  • Citadel, You’re Invited to Nahrun’s Quarterly Persona Feast
    Greetings, Citadel. Wonderfully fun night planned for Thursday, May 18th! The Shire of Nahrun will be having their Quarterly Persona Feast. The Shire has graciously invited Their Excellencies Tariq and Elieth to hold court, which will be an opportunity […]
  • Empowering Officers and the Populace to Post Website Articles
    Good Evening fair members of the populace! One of the goals of the Officer of the Chronicler is to help record and spread the good word of the Barony most often times taking the form of the Newsletter.  I want to take that a step further and empower you […]



What is the SCA?

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a re-creation society for the Middle Ages. Our purpose is to bring to life the skills, ideals, and beauty that represents the best of the Middle Ages. The charter of the Society covers the time period up to 1600 A.D. Members select the time that interests them, and develop their name, style of clothing, armor, etc., through research.

The "best" of the Middle Ages and Renaissance includes ideals of chivalry, honor, loyalty, and respect for ladies. Many of the good values we work towards today had their roots in the Middle Ages and the concepts and ideals of Chivalry. These are the very same ideals we strive to demonstrate and teach in our group.

The SCA is an activity for the entire family. We offer classes for all ages in courtesy, courtly graces, and chivalry, as well as other areas of interest. It is our desire to use these tools to encourage strength of character in all participants. Even children are encouraged to participate in arts and sciences, games, camping, and foam-weapon fighting.

Our Society is composed of people from all walks of life - anyone is welcome to participate!

Many of our members have extraordinary skill in calligraphy, metal working, costuming, and other arts. Most of us, though, are just ordinary folks who join the SCA to escape the pressure or boredom of everyday life -- people who enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other honorable people, and enjoy a chance to witness the pageantry and atmosphere of times past. Should you have any questions about the SCA or our local group please feel free to contact our Chatelaine, who will gladly answer any and all questions possible.

For detailed information please check out our Baronial Calendar of Events!